Top 10 Reasons to Enter The Beauty Business

A career in beauty is one of the most rewarding paths that you can travel. If you have thought about creating a beautiful future, don’t wait! Here are ten reasons to get started right now!

1. Start Any Time
There is no “too old” in beauty! If you have a passion and desire to create a career out of this exciting and creative passion, now is the time! No matter if you are 18 and right out of high school, a 35-year-old single dad, or a retiree who wants to pursue a long-time dream, the beauty industry welcomes you!

2. Pursue a Dream
Perhaps you are stuck in a dead end job. Maybe you find yourself realizing that the career you thought you loved was not for you. No matter the reason a career in beauty can both empower you to follow that childhood dream and find a career that brings joy and creativity to your life.

3. Stand The Test of Time
As long as people have hair, skin, or nails there is going to be a need for cosmetologists. In fact, the beauty industry has proudly featured one of the most stable growth rates over the last decade, making it nearly recession-proof.

4. Control Your Income
Even if you choose not to own your own business, a career in beauty can easily put you in control of your career and income. Build your brand and your clientele to get your name out there and build your own financial success. The more you hustle, the more you shine, the more financial independence you can find.

5. Own Your Own Success.
Success comes to us through hard work and commitment. Pursuing a career in beauty can allow you to take control of your success and navigate yourself to the future you want! Take your destiny into your own hands. Success is your choice!

6. See The World
Cosmetology and beauty is a skill that is in demand around the world! With job opportunities at resorts, above cruise ships and even in quaint little salons around the globe, you are building a career that could take you anywhere, all while building your portfolio! Where can cosmetology take you?

7. Carve Your Own Path
Do you enjoy working with large groups of people, or do you prefer soothing environments with small tight-knit groups? With a future in beauty, you can easily control the type of environment that you prefer, or create one that is perfectly tailored to your dreams. Be your own boss! Be the boss! Or simply find the perfect company, with the best people. All are possible.

8. Robot Proof Future
It’s no secret that many jobs are being taken over by robots, careers in beauty are not one of them. While we benefit from many computer-driven mechanics, a robot can’t help to heal long damaged hair and trim it into the perfect textured job. Not only does a career in beauty survive the recession, it can survive the robot apocalypse too!

9. A Selfless Future
A career in beauty is one that helps to not only contribute, but give back to society. In fact, many cosmetologists choose to devote time volunteering their services to local shelters or demonstrating skills to at-risk youth. You could even choose to help mold the future generation of professionals and follow the rewarding path of education.

10. Your Future is What You Make It
There is a multitude of career options in the beauty industry. From hair, to skin, to building your own brand, you can create the career and the future you want. You are in control! Everything from opening your own salon to building a client base at your local spa is open to you. What path will you create?