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May 13, 2024

How Long Does It Take to Become a Hair Stylist in Oregon?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Hair Stylist in Oregon?

Being a hairstylist can be one of the most social and rewarding career options for those with the right talents. Hair stylists help their clients become their best selves by identifying and creating styles that are ultimately flattering for each face shape and match each personality. Hairstyling can not only be rewarding on a personal level, but it can also be quite financially rewarding work as well, depending on the salon you work in and the clientele you cultivate. 

If you are considering becoming a hairstylist in the state of Oregon, you may be wondering how long it takes. The answer is it can take at least 12 months to complete. Here at Phagans School of Hair Design, we know everything there is to know about hair styling education and the requirements to get certified as a professional hair stylist. 

Understanding the Requirements in Oregon

Understanding the requirements in Oregon is essential for anyone considering a career as a hairstylist in the state. In Oregon, individuals aspiring to become licensed hair stylists must complete a comprehensive training program. At Phagans School of Hair Design, we’re committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience necessary to excel in the field of hairstyling. Our curriculum is designed to meet the specific requirements set forth by the Oregon Board of Cosmetology, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to pursue their passion and thrive in their careers. 

 How Long Does It Take to Become a Hair Stylist in Oregon?

The Path to Licensure: Timeframes and Milestones

Here are the requirements for those interested in becoming a hairstylist: 

  • Hair Design: 1,150 hours, 1040 are practical hands-on learning.
  • Oregon Laws and Rules: 20 hours
  • Career Development: 20 hours

At Phagans School of Hair Design, our program is 1,150 hours covering all things hair to prepare you for a future career. In this program, you can expect to learn:

  • Hair Color (hot trends like balayage, fashion colors, and more!)
  • Perming (oh baby, these curls are in!)
  • Relaxing (sleek, shiny, and straight is a classic.)
  • Haircutting (chop it like it’s hot.)
  • Hairstyling (updos, wedding styles, and intricate designs.)
  • State Testing Preparation (practice BEFORE you sit for the exam.)
  • Teamwork Skills (there’s no I in team.)
  • Salon Expectations (what will you accomplish after graduation? Find out how to succeed in a salon!)
  • How to Open Your Own Salon (you’re the boss. Learn how to run your own business.) 

Factors Affecting Program Duration

If getting your license takes about a year as a full-time student, what might affect the total time it takes to become a hairstylist in Oregon? Here are a few of the most important factors that might extend that timeline and affect your program duration.

Daily Study Time

How long do you have to dedicate to school each day or week? The total amount of lesson hours you can rack up each week will determine how many weeks your education will take before you can become a professional hair stylist.

Your Choice in Program

The school and program you choose will also play a role. Each school has different courses laid out with a focus on different areas of hair styling. Each course may take a different amount of time to complete, and may or may not be welcoming to part-time students. Look for a program that is close to home to limit your time lost to commuting, and a program that offers classes at exactly the schedule you need.

Alternate Demands on Your Schedule

Of course, you can only dedicate as much time as you have to study. Alternate demands on your time including your current job, family obligations, and other factors might extend your education time or help you free up time to complete the coursework faster.

Tips for Prospective Hair Stylists

Of course, getting started as a hair stylist is not always an easy task.  You will need focus, drive, and all your student abilities to learn the necessary skills, memorize the regulations, and prepare for your upcoming career during the training process. Here are a few helpful tips to guide you toward a successful selection, study, graduation, and licensure process.

  • Research hair design education programs and choose the right option.
  • Maintain focus and dedication throughout the training process.
  • Practice both inside and outside the educational environment.
  • Review laws, facts, and regulations with fellow students or with friends at home.
  • Seek out mentorship and networking opportunities in the industry.
  • Find a salon you would like to join and cultivate connections. 

 How Long Does It Take to Become a Hair Stylist in Oregon?

Becoming a Hair Stylist Starts with Education

When wondering how long it takes to become a hair stylist in Oregon, remember that it’s all based on the program you choose and how much time you dedicate to study. Whether you choose a part-time student program or full-time education, you will soon be on the path to becoming a professional hair stylist with an Oregon cosmetology license. To learn more about the hair stylist licensing program offered by the Phagans School of Hair Design, contact us today.

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