The Phagans Experience

Often we’re asked what it’s really like at a Phagans School of Hair Design salon. Simply put, it is an affordable spa/salon experience.

We’re not like other spa salons though. Since the Phagans School of Hair Design salon is a part of the educational experience for students at Phagans School of Hair Design, we operate with a few extra guidelines and regulations. For instance, our students work one-on-one with clients just like in a traditional salon, but their work is supervised by senior faculty members who are highly trained professionals. And since our salon is technically considered a classroom, friends and family of the client are not allowed to “hang out” while you are enjoying your treatments.

We’re also not like other beauty schools either. While we pride ourselves on our professionalism both in the salon and in the school, our organization is locally-owned and family-run. We’re not just one tiny part of a national chain. For that reason, our students and clients get the best of both worlds – a professional, quality experience within a local community that cares.

Find out for yourself what it is really like at Phagans School of Hair Design. Schedule your appointment today. We think you’ll love your experience and your results.

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