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Our Curriculum

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Do you have a love of hair? Is your Pinterest board filled with updo styles and the hottest fashion colors? Consider an education in hair design! The Hair Design program at Phagans School of Hair Design was created to cover all things hair and help you prepare for a future full of hair colors, styles, and cuts. What future have you been dreaming of?

Here are a few things that our curriculum covers:

  • Hair Color (hot trends like balayage, fashion colors, and more!)
  • Perming (oh baby, these curls are in!)
  • Relaxing (sleek, shiny, and straight is a classic.)
  • Haircutting (chop it like it’s hot.)
  • Hairstyling (updos, wedding styles, and intricate designs.)
  • State Testing Preparation (practice BEFORE you sit for the exam.)
  • Teamwork Skills (there’s no I in team.)
  • Salon Expectations (what will you accomplish after graduation? Find out how to succeed in a salon!)
  • How to Open Your Own Salon (you’re the boss. Learn how to run your own business.)

Not only do we strive to provide technical education for our students, but we want to expose our students to what life would be like after graduation. Our students can work alongside peers who have the same goals they do, learn from talented, professional instructors, and take advantage of the curriculum we’ve spent so much time perfecting.

Theory, practice, and on-the-job skills are all important elements in any beauty school education. At Phagans School of Hair Design, we know that our students feel more prepared the more they learn about the beauty industry. That’s why our educators are up to date on the latest trends, techniques, and styles.

The Hair Design program can be a great fit for someone who has always loved styling, cutting, and doing hair. If you have a clear vision for your future, this specialized program might be the right career move for you! Let Phagans School of Hair Design help you get your start!

Your Future in Hair

Our Hair Design Program can be completed in as little as 11 months if taken during the day and just 16 months if taken during the evening!
Hair can be a career! There are so many potential places of work for someone with a Hair Design education. Here are a few you might consider:

  • A Family Hair Salon
  • Product Education
  • Your Own Business
  • Hair Specialty Salons
  • Hair and Beauty Blogger
  • Hair Social Media Influencer

Course Goals

  • To qualify to take the Oregon State Board of Barber and Hairdressers National written exam, which covers the subjects of hair design, shampooing, thermal styling, hair shaping, hair color, and chemical retexturizing.
  • To identify scalp diseases and disorders.
  • To perform tasks of Hair Design in a proficient manner that will support the graduate in employment.
  • To have an awareness of personal self worth, pride and professionalism.
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Units of Instruction

Shampooing, Rinses, Conditioners & Draping 50
Properties & Disorders of Scalp & Hair 50
Hair Design 400
Sculpting 400
Hair Color / Chemical Services 400
Cutting, Trimming, Beard & Mustache & Shaving 15
Implements & Equipment 20
Chemistry & Anatomy & Physiology 30
Electricity 20
Discretionary 65
Safety & Sanitation 150
Career Development 100
Total Training Hours 1,700

Textbook Disclosure


2016, 13th EDITION
ISBN 13: 978-1-2857-6941-7

2016, 13th EDITION
ISBN 13: 978-1-2857-6945-5

2016, 13th EDITION
ISBN 13: 978-1-2857-6955-4

Program Information

Grading ScaleStudent grades will be based on theory assignments, theory exams, practical assignments and practical exams. Students must achieve a grade of C (75%) or better to be considered acceptable according to the following grading scale:
A 90% to 100% Superior
B 80% to 89% Execellent
C 75% to 79% Satisfactory
F 74% or less Unsatisfactory
Hourly Breakdown of All Courses
Hair Design
Nail Technology
Safety & Sani.
H + E + N 1,450 250 350 150 100 2,300
H + E 1,450 250 - 150 100 1,950
H + N 1,450 - 350 150 100 2,050
H 1,450 - - 150 100 1,700
E + N - 250 350 150 100 850
E - 350 - 150 100 600
N - - 350 150 100 600
B 1,100 - - 150 100 1,350
C - - - - - 1,000
H = Hair Design, E = Esthetics, N = Nail Technology, B = Barbering, C = Cadet Instructor All courses (except Cadet Instructor) each contain the required units of 100 hours of Career Development and 150 hours of Safety and Sanitation. If you have already completed one or more of the courses and want to return to complete another subject, you must complete at least the following hours, plus have an evaluation of your prior hours to credit to the Career Development and Safety & Sanitation requirements:
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