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Cadet Instructor

Length: 1,000 clock hours, approximately 25 weeks on a 35-hour per week schedule.

Description: The Cadet Instructor course is designed for the certified practitioner for a career in training and supervising hair design, esthetics and nail technology students. Successful completion of the course leads to registration with the Oregon Department of Education as a vocational school instructor.

Format: Cadet training is divided into four units: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Each unit consists of academic and academic laboratory. Evaluations are an on-going part of the study and Cadet students are required to maintain progress records throughout the course.

Course Goals

  • To provide students with a solid foundation in the basic skills of teaching hair design, nail technology and/or esthetics.
  • To provide students with strong student relations and problem solving skills.
  • To enable students to pass the school’s written and practical evaluations.
  • To enable students to become employed as instructors in the field of hair design, esthetics and/or nail technology.
  • To prepare students not only in terms of technical skills and knowledge, but also in professionalism and attitude.

Units of Instruction

Esthetics 105
Nail Technology 75
Hair Design 275
Recognizing Learners 20
Orientation 15
Teaching Methods 50
Dev. Lesson Plans 50
Use of Lesson Plans 45
Audio Visual Aids 25
Exam Development 40
Discretionary Hours 55
Safety & Sanitation 150
Career Development 100
Total Training Hours 1,000
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Program Information

Grading Scale

Student grades will be based on theory assignments, theory exams, practical assignments and practical exams. Students must achieve a grade of C (75%) or better to be considered acceptable according to the following grading scale:

A 90% to 100% Superior
B 80% to 89% Execellent
C 75% to 79% Satisfactory
F 74% or less Unsatisfactory

Hourly Breakdown of All Courses

Hair Design
Nail Technology
Safety & Sani.
H + E + N 1,450 250 350 150 100 2,300
H + E 1,450 250 - 150 100 1,950
H + N 1,450 - 350 150 100 2,050
H 1,450 - - 150 100 1,700
E + N - 250 350 150 100 850
E - 350 - 150 100 600
N - - 350 150 100 600
B 1,100 - - 150 100 1,350
C - - - - - 1,000
H = Hair Design, E = Esthetics, N = Nail Technology, B = Barbering, C = Cadet Instructor

All courses (except Cadet Instructor) each contain the required units of 100 hours of Career Development and 150 hours of Safety and Sanitation. If you have already completed one or more of the courses and want to return to complete another subject, you must complete at least the following hours, plus have an evaluation of your prior hours to credit to the Career Development and Safety & Sanitation requirements:

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